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Top SEO and Online Marketing Tools


Raven’s SEO and social media tools help webmasters, business owners, SEO Companies and marketing agencies to do on page and off page SEO as well as to do social media optimization by doing keyword research, making suggestion, reporting and many such task semi automated. Raven’s social media tools helps you to manage your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account from single panel, allowing you to schedule posts, manage feeds and review analytics statistics. Raven also uses data of other paid tools like SEOmoz, SEMrush and Majestic SEO so Raven users can skip purchasing those paid tools.

Raven SEO Tools Cost & Uses

The cost to use Raven for single user is just $19/month (at the time of this review), which is considerably lower as compared to other tools. With Raven, the user can manage his entire Internet marketing campaign on his own as well as it provides option to have assign tasks to teams. Raven admin control allows you to view the team’s progress to assign tasks and with Agency accounts and set price limits to stay in budget. Personalized easy white labeling is possible with Raven for your branding (or your client’s) and you can white label the entire Raven system with a custom domain.

Dedicated support and training is provided from the day you sign up and you have access to its Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions by the support team for technical issues with free, ongoing online training. Helpful integrations of Raven integrates messaging from the project management tool Basecamp and analytics from email marketing services Campaign Monitor and MailChimp. Order content from Textbroker or pay for social network registration from KnowEm.

Compete is not an absolute social media tool rather it is an SEO and search analytics tool that can be used to view traffic either for your own website or gauge the traffic that your competitors website is receiving. Complete gets this data from a cross section of nearly 2 million consumers from all over the United States. These people have granted permission for tracking of their internet clickstream behaviors and to take part in opt-in survey responses analyzed anonymously as a new source of marketing research.

The full suite from Complete is a paid service, yet there are a number of other tools that can be used free of cost and are handy as well.

  • Compete Site Profile – It gives free information for all sites listed on the world wide web with detailed summaries of site traffic history.
  • Compete Search Analytics – This is a tool that will help optimize SEM campaigns, increase brand awareness, improve site traffic and sales.
  • Compete Referral Analytics – It gives powerful traffic referral and destination data. Such information can be effectively used to drive online marketing strategies.

You can use the various tools offered from to increase traffic and drive website sales. Tell us how you use data below or let us know your thoughts on the tool in general.

Youtube Insight

YouTube Insight is a new self-service analytics and reporting tool that enables anyone with a YouTube account to view detailed statistics about the audience for the videos that they upload to the site. This tool goes beyond telling you how many viewers have watched your online videos and shows you where your viewers are located, how they are finding your Internet video, and what demographic your viewers fall into, and which areas of the video your online viewers are paying attention to.

Use video-level data to better understand your audience and use the information to analyze marketing your efforts — both on and off YouTube — and determine how best to optimize your campaigns.

How to Use YouTube Insight

To see Insight for your own videos, sign into your YouTube Account and click your username in the upper right hand corner of the home screen, then select My videos. Click on the Insight tab on the top navigation bar. From here you can look at statistic for specific data ranges using interactive slider in insight. This is really useful if you want to promote a video over a period and want to measure the results.

More about YouTube Insight

For any of the metrics you want to measure, YouTube Insight allows you to break it down by country and even by region within a country using the clickable world map. For example, you can view the age and gender breakdown for certain geographics such as “Texans” viewing any video on an artist’s channel. “Discovery” is the biggest advantage for building traffic sources, i.e. how people got to your video. Insight also tells you how many people saw your video as an embedded video in an external site such as a blog or other source and how many viewed it from within YouTube.

YouTube Insights even charts your upload against the score for an average video which should yield you “Hot Spots;” sections of the video where your audience is paying the most attention. You can watch your video and track the changes at the same time. It’s a truly handy way to track videos interactions. This feature counts total ‘Engagements’ (which can be further broken down into Comments, Favorites and Ratings) and to create a standardized Engagement-per-100-views metric which allows you to make direct comparisons regardless of overall video popularity. This will be really useful if you want to promote a video over a certain period of time and you want to measure the results.

WhiteSpark Local Citation Finder

The WhiteSpark local citation finder helps you identify a unique footprint for local competitors, then search for this footprint. Each URL that the search engine discovers is considered a “citation.”

One of the most useful tactics in link building is to scope out websites that provide a link to your competitor’s website(s) and attempt to get those same websites to link back to you. The overall effectiveness of this type of link analysis varies from industry to industry, but it can be seen as one of the things you can and should do early on when trying to acquire links.

Speaking in terms of local SEO, if local citations are seen as the equivalent of links, then this type of link analysis for competitors should provide some benefit.

This is exactly what the Local Citation Finder does for you. This link building tool is a new tool that will instantly become a reusable tool for local SEOs.

This tool also prospects links based on the probability that there might be a business relationship involved. Once you’ve determined some of the more common types of opportunities you can return to your search engine of choice and hunt for more of them based on any kind of footprint you can discover.

Ontolo Link Building Toolset

The Ontolo Link Building Toolset helps you to create customized link prospecting databases that will grow each day based on your keywords used, link types needed, and overall link building criteria. Ontolo’s link prospecting tool runs each night and finds new link prospects that are based on the targeted keywords you’ve chosen and what types of links you’ve chosen. This could be paid links, guest post opportunities, donation or charitable opportunities, or even link pages and directories. It’s really up to you how you want to build out your link building program. The Ontolo link building toolset does the work for you.

Many SEO’s and marketers have said that Ontolo’s toolset has saved them countless hours and also given them way more linking opportunities than they would have found on their own. The toolset actually crawls, discovers, analyzes, and collects over 100 data points on each link prospect found for your campaign.

How Ontolo’s Link Building Prospect Tool Works

Each link prospect is discovered through our own market research, not from analyzing your competitor’s backlinks. Part of why we built the Ontolo Link Building Toolset is because we found the task of analyzing competitor backlinks to not only be painfully tedious, but we also found that just because a URL linked to a competitor, that did not make it a noteworthy link prospect. We find other factors such as keyword relevance in the title and body text, the number of outbound links to other sites, page type (Guest Post, Blogroll, Links Page, Web Directory, etc), to be much more significant indicating factors for a URL to be a highly-relevant and likely link prospect.

You can easily cut your time in half with Ontolo’s tools. I’d highly recommend them to any serious link builder to help get the job done.

SEOmoz Tools

The SEOmoz Pro toolset has more features and uses versus any other SEO tools on the market. Weekly crawls and rank tracking, on-page recommendations to improve page performance and SEO, and competitive analysis, are just a few of the high-level tools and reports you should expect when you pay for your SEOmoz Pro membership.

For just under $100 as a starting monthly price, and the extraordinary talent of the whole SEOmoz team backing these excellent SEO tools, you’ll get your money back just after running your first few SEO reports.

Open Site Explorer (OSE) is the top tool within SEOmoz’s Pro toolset. OSE lets you access unparalleled link data, identify the most powerful links from your own website(s) or competitors, analyze link anchor text, and easily compare domains side by side. The OSE tool is powered by their proprietary web index of nearly 10 trillion links (yes, that’s trillions!!). OSE is invaluable to understanding your SEO campaign’s effectiveness and, quite frankly, no other SEO tool on the market stands up to the level of the data this tool provides.

Other tools like the keyword difficulty tool, SEOmoz toolbar for Firefox and Chrome, and the other few dozen tools SEOmoz offers to Pro members gives any marketer the complete arsenal to impress their boss or to quickly and effectively manage their own website’s SEO. All other tools will need to do a lot of catching up if they want to even come close to the value SEOmoz’s tools provide.

Let us know why you love your SEOmoz tools below in the comments section.