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The Best Reputation & Brand Monitoring Tools


Socialscape provides you a real time 360 degrees view of discussion in the social atmosphere. Socialscape has a stylish window to learn how social media contributors think regarding your brand, your products and your competition by using an array of monitoring and analysis tools. Each and every Socialscape service joins with either a research or an issue relates website and turns words into action. You can study learning by sentiment, tone, volumetric analysis, or demographics. You need to classify consequences by media type or judge against other businesses, products or sources. You use it to learn who is chatting and what they are saying on which platform. All you need to do is to join the discussion. Rewarding devoted consumers and motivate them to spread the word, collect insights to recognize new prospects and promptly deal with consumer apprehensions.

How does Socialscape help you n visibility?

  • Brand Monitor – consumers have more influence on your brand then ever before. So if you are not paying attention, you are not part of the discussion. Brand monitor gives you real-time insights into the health of your brand. Hence, Brand Monitor assists you to track your brand awareness with more depth and insight.
  • Product Monitor – Socialscape allows you concentrate on each product to follow their social media existence with weekly and quarterly updates. Real-time vigilance helps you continue a close eye on particular trends or issues. Therefore, Product Monitor allows you to watch over individual products in social atmosphere.
  • Issue Management – you can stay ahead of customer care subject while remodeling your customer knowledge. Socialscape provides automated concern response system permitting you to locate and resolve apprehensions more rapidly. Issue management helps you to identify and resolve customer care issues in ways that can help strengthen your brand.

Do you use Socialscape? Let us know what you like or don’t like about it below!

Search Monitor

By using Search Monitor, you can monitor yourself, your competitors, your trademarks, or all of the these at once. See occurrences of brand name appearances web, on paid search, web sites, blogs, and in the news. This monitoring tool features comprehensive occurrence information classifying uses with dates, times, keywords, ad copy, or landing page copy for each occurrence of exploitation. You also get screen-grabs of particular pages including your brand reference for effortless documentation keeping. You can get insight on sponsored schedule internationally in any language and on search engines, including: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, YouTube, and Google Mobile.

Features of Search Monitor

Monitor rivals or competitors and those discussing you or your brand, plus:

  • Market Share Reports – Evaluate every contender’s market share by keyword etc.
  • Ad Copy Reports – Be watchful about contenders trying new ad copy and understand which ad copy is most successful for your rivals.
  • Strategy Reports – budget, keyword coverage, rank, and affiliates strategies are discovered for each contender.
  • Special Offers Reports – Get alerted promptly about contenders endorsing particular proposals like free shipping, trials, sales, or in-store promotions.
  • New Competitors Alerts – get alerts as soon as new competitors start requesting on your keywords.
  • Excel Plug-in & API – statistics are available through an API or excel plug-in to refresh excel files with the most up-to-date data.
  • Trademark Use Reports – observe your trademarks on paid search to find who is bidding on them.
  • Affiliate Compliance Reports – observe your affiliates ppc activity and landing page practice for observance with your TOS.
  • Brand Buzz Reports – find out who is discussing you on web sites, blogs, and in the news along with your contenders.
  • Email Alerts – find out trademark use, new out of the ordinary offers, new contenders, and monthly wrap up reports.
  • Comparison Shopping Reports – Find out who is competing against you on shopping items, including rank, pricing, free shipping offers, and more.


LiveBuzz from Market Sentinel, is an all-inclusive resolution for administrating, scrutinizing, advertising with social media measures and modules that is exclusive and pioneering. LiveBuzz permits you to scrutinize social networks, create operations and support that is simple, quick and two-way system helping in examining strength and plan for people and companies, brand, products, business or event via the Social CRM.

With LiveBuzz and its explicit modules that monitor and interact, the manager profile can sneak into diverse network extracting all citations concerning your brand on the Internet, and generate data permitting you to assess the influence of their dealings on the web by using tabs Monitor, Interact, Analyze, Campaigns, Reporting and Statistics. LiveBuzz helps mine the important subject matter to obtain alerts and pictorial analysis of customer comments on important subjects.

A Few LiveBuzz Features

  • Finding out blogs, forums and conventional means of communication sites where your brand is mentioned repeatedly and trendsetters who shape the discussion for your brand or business.
  • Follow the attitude and outlook to understand whether your brand is being generally accepted and take adequate measure.
  • Monitor YouTube videos along with analysis, annotations and grading to well understand the wants of consumers.
  • Track Twitter conversation together with comprehensive intelligence on the subject of particular tweeters and tweet contents.
  • Discover the buzziest phrases around your brand.
  • Analyze SEO measures of every website wherever your brand name is cited.
  • Have special connection with LiveBuzz analysts to make available professional investigation and suggestions for action.
  • Study conventional statements by LivBuzzs’ well-informed analysts who prepare an outlined report of the most significant breakthrough for a specified period.

Unfortunately, you have to contact them about a demonstration and pricing is custom. This may be a turn off to some, but the features do look decent.


BuzzDing is a Social Media tool which measure client companies reputation online as well their market value. Users can also individually monitor them self in the market by making their own reputation and show it to their clients. With BuzzDing, users can find buzz from anywhere on the web, about your product, company and brand.

You can do lot of work with BuzzDing like, defining Tags, searching network, monitoring many phrase, saving notes, flags, archives etc. Buzzding offers trial offer of 7 days for first user and after that they will charge you for the extended period if you don’t discontinue the service. Buzzding has 5 plans ranging from personal $14 per month plan to $199 per month premium plan.


The RepuMetrix suite of Reputation Measurement software probes deep into online environments to locate and retrieve the information exclusive to your business needs. With deep search capabilities, the RepuMetrix Reputation Measurement™ platform search various major online media properties, blogs, journals, chatrooms, message boards, social networks, video/image sites and websites to retrieve communications and activities initiated by consumers, shareholders and interest groups talking about your business.

All of the RepuMetrix monitoring services can be customized as per client needs. RepuTrace is the Corporate Intelligence Tool for Small to Large Businesses and simultaneously monitors and stores each link into one easy format for your review and analysis that has been scored by sentiment (i.e. positive, negative or neutral), geographical location and media source (i.e., blog, message boards, video, etc.) and allowing you to elevate your asset and personal protection programs to the highest levels.

Some of the features of RepuMetrix are:

  • User Customizable Dashboard
  • Charts and Visualization Tools
  • Alerts or Feeds (e.g., email, RSS, etc.)
  • User Archiving of Individual Content/Conversations with Client Notes and/or Tags
  • Tracking for Unlimited Number of Key Words/Phrases
  • Support for Multiple User and/or Campaign Keyword Profiles
  • Export Data (e.g., to .xls, .doc, .csv file format)
  • API for Real-time Integration With Client or Third-Party Applications

RepuTrack is capable of analyzing content published in 30 different languages and helps you to monitor your brand and reputation and gather competitive intelligence.


Attentio is a Multilingual social media monitoring tool that helps to understand what the world is saying about your brand by continuously monitoring what is written in blogs, discussion forums and other social media sites with the ability to listen, analyze and react. Attentio offers paid solutions with two types of customer dashboards – The Standard Edition, useful to a smaller company setting having limited brand portfolio with only a few countries to analyze but you can “buzz” around your brands or products across social media sources and online news with this tool.

Bigger companies can use the Enterprise Edition for an access to the complete power of Attentio Brand Dashboard with its multi-language features for buzz analysis, sentiment and event detection along ability to map the positioning of your brands in “Word of Mouth” online against competitors using Attentio Brand Maps. The combination of Attentio Brand Dashboard and Attentio Insights is perfect for brand reputation agencies and big organizations as it will help them to understand how their (clients) brands are accepted among customers along with brand positioning.

Another product, Attentio analysts is useful for analyzing the Social Media and is used to create customized reports that tackle key concerns about your brands and products globally or even for specific regions dealing in more than 17 European languages as well as Mandarin.

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon, powered by patent-pending technology which was developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, overcomes the restrictions of conventional market research by delivering a near real-time observation of the online conversation with benefits for Brands and Agencies.

Crimson Hexagon categorize and evaluate opinion from a large amounts of text either from it’s vast blogosphere or carrying out an in-house content repository. Crimson Hexagon users have the facility of accessing a personal and personalized dashboard that begins by presenting the volume of mention and positive or negative sentiment on topics of your choice over the internet and social media sources. After that with the Crimson Hexagon Opinion Analysis Platform, consumer brands, marketing agencies, media firms and government agencies can go data mining depending on their explicit interests allowing them to search for answers to the key marketing and business questions.

Crimson Hexagon has Two Products:

VoxTrot Buzz: shows the volume of mentions and positive/negative sentiment on areas of interests of user that too across the internet and social media sources. It also provides a proprietary VoxScore metric, evaluating users topic perception across social media, based on number of mentions, their credibility, and reach.

VoxTrot Opinion: helps enterprise customers drill deeper into relevant opinion by letting companies define specific categories for exploration. Based on a technology licensed from Harvard, VoxTrot Opinion is able to analyze vast amounts of qualitative information and determine quantitative proportion of opinion.

Brands Eye

Brands Eye is an Online Reputation Management (ORM) service which can be used by various businesses to find what people are talking about their product and service or Brands Eye can also be used by marketing agencies which can resell the service to their clients. BrandsEye can be used to follow all online discussion about brands, events, campaigns and individuals and unlike many such tools which just monitor social buzz, Brands Eye gives indepth knowledge and understanding about the data along with charts and graphs.

BrandsEye provides the following features:

  • Full Automation: All possibilities that are allocated to each and every mention related to the brand. More than 40 variables which comprise Sentiment, Brand Relevancy, Media Type, Influence, Country and Language. BrandsEye gains knowledge in the course of such communications to perk up the overall accuracy.
  • Team Workflow: Lets the users to make comments on particular situations (and authors) and appeal for management consent.
  • Social Media Engagement: Interaction is recorded for future so everything is updated.
  • Saved Reporting Dashboard: this helps in time saving and benchmarking changes in the business.
  • Reputation Score: Keeps track of all marketing and communications successes so that you can understand the relation between volume of conversation and brand reputation.
  • Conversation Value: provides insight and benchmarking the quality conversations.
  • Data Segmentation: Comparison of your brand versus competitors and identifying the problem areas.
  • Automated Escalation: Receive immediate notifications and seizing the opportunities and updating all parties about customer’s observation.

Brands Eye reputation monitoring solution is among the top in the industry. Have you used this tool or know someone who has? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

Reputation Observer

Managing business and personal reputation, once the province of public relations, has increasingly moved online, and this has led a number of firms to specialize in managing reputation in the online universe. In the early days of online reputation management, companies focused on monitoring search results and trying to move positive results up in search rankings. As the social web has grown, firms have begun to pay more attention to blogs, review sites and services like MySpace and Facebook.

Reputation Observer offers services designed to track and manage online business and personal reputations. But not only that. The highly complex way of sentiment analysis is managed in a different way than most other tools (which heavily rely on 2-3 different Sentiment API vendors).

Reputation Observer Feaures

Reputation Observer, despite the somewhat passive implication of its name, positions itself as “a revolutionary way of tracking, measuring and repairing your brand or name online.” It breaks its services down into a variety of features, including:

  • Monitoring. Reputation Observer promises to provide constant monitoring of search, social media and other online media outlets.
  • Protection. With what it terms “intelligent online media protection,” Reputation Observer offers to analyze, control and protect your brand or your personal reputation.
  • Reputation building. This feature promises to enhance your reputation and to counteract negative information online.
  • Social web integration. Earlier tools that were applied to reputation were often specialized variants of the strategies used for search engine optimization. As a result, they focused on enhancing the content of search results. Reputation Observer covers this as well, but it also monitors blogs, review sites and forums, and adds tracking of specific sites that it considers critical to online reputation, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Orkut.
  • Social Media Worflow management. Social Media Analytics enterprise workflow-management for small and large organizations.
  • Alerts. Customers are notified by email, text or phone of events considered critical.

Let us know what you think about Reputation Observer and rate or reviews below.


Brandtology is one of the largest independent business and brand online intelligence service provider that combines technology, processes and trained professionals to deliver accurate and relevant intelligence to global organizations. The Brandtology experience is much more structured than you might be used to – keyword analysis being done up front (they have use of a “Workbench” tool for research that is used internally to do ad-hoc analysis that support configuration and set up of accounts) and a ticketing system that is probably more elaborate than your average vendor. But the main thing they offer that structured data, where every bit of it is verified and fully vetted before the client sees it.

Brandtology offers two services, the first being an Ongoing Monitoring Service and the second an Online Conversation Brand Audit. Both services track online conversations across a multitude of social media channels, including blogs, forums, review sites, news sites, Youtube and Twitter, among others.

Brandtology Main Features

Ongoing Monitoring Service – This is a daily monitoring service for typically 6- 12 months where Brandtology tracks and analyzes what has been said about our clients’ business and brand for the past 24 hours. Daily and monthly reports are sent to the client highlighting significant issues and the sentiment trends of netizens towards their business, brand and competitors. Actionable insights are also provided based on the most popular themes in these conversations, the most influential and/or active netizens’ comments and the top conversations channels of these. This gives clients a blow by blow account of the online conversations surrounding their products and services, as well as near realtime feedback on their campaigns/launches. Astute use of such intelligence has enabled Brandtology’s global clients to make timely and informed strategic decisions for public engagement, crisis management and media planning, amongst other uses.

Online Conversation Brand Audit – For the Online Conversation Brand Audit, Brandtology helps clients to track the online conversations which has already happened in the past 1-3 months to come up with a comprehensive brand audit report on their positioning vis-à-vis their competitors and insights into the key conversations and trends online. It is also used as a periodic method of measuring if their past campaigns/launches have been successful in increasing buzz and/or altering sentiments towards their business and brand.