Social Radar

Social Radar is a social media monitoring and analytics tool that evaluates online emotions to determine development, foretell consumer requirements, carry out online market study, and initiate business tactics for the brands, products, and services. Actually, Infegy’s Social Radar is one of the quickest analytics platforms in the industry. Within a few seconds Social Radar users can acquire profound opinion analytics, recognize top sources, evaluate dialogue quantity as it speaks about products, competitors, recover geographical distribution by country and language, and get instantaneous data on how all that propaganda has altered and progressed over the past 5 years.

Feature of Social Radar are

  • Intuitive User Interface – Rapid Results.
  • Social Radar’s loaded graphical user interface creates the inquiry and investigating method instinctive, simple and quick. Users are able to look for several sort of material (blogs, forums, social networks, articles and more), choose geo locations, languages, rate of recurrence, session, etc. all through one page and obtain a snapshot of the results, and choose to dig by means of an assortment of preferences like sentiment analysis, keywords, country, and more. In addition, rich tailor made reports make extracting and using of the records instant.
  • Real-Time Data and a Web Services API.
  • Social Radar can be utilized by a full-featured API intended to improve accessible workflows and applications by adding up priceless recent and past social and web data. The platform employs real-time guide updating for constantly updated info. It is also intended to spectacularly lessen spam and replicated sources for significantly cleaner query results as compared to leading competitors.



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