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The last couple of years have brought about an entourage of popular social media websites and apps, including bookmarking and voting sites like Reddit or Digg. There’s also new technologies to embrace to be successful, such as FaceBook’s Like box or buttons and Twitter apps. Add other social media hybrid websites like YouTube to the mix and you’ll find that many online businesses will struggle just to keep up with which technology to use and will watch their competitors succeed.

The key to our social media success is realizing how to get the best value from certain social media websites. We can save a client hundreds or thousands of hours and dollars just by proper research or prior successes of our social media campaigns. if we can help clients determine which social websites to focus on and how to use them, the end result can be pretty astounding.

Let’s face it, social media undoubedly helps to shape brand identities, increase website traffic and sales, and it helps to create numerous backlinks well beyond the earlier days of link building and online PR.

Our approach to social media SEO is simple — to create successful and sustainable social media campaigns based off of extensive social media research and prior success. We then formulate a unique social media plan for each of our clients.

Our Social SEO Research Includes

  • We measure volume of conversations around brand (mentions).
  • We look at sentiment and “media-mix” for your brand or keywords over time.
  • We identify social media sites and key influencers related to client’s website/business and reach out to those influencers.
  • We benchmark against competitor’s social media campaigns.
  • We gauge new product development through social channels.
  • We identify successful usage of URL tracking/shorteners to gain insight in real traffic measurement and success for campaigns.
  • We help with creating and measuring advanced segment tracking in Google Analytics (or other web tracking programs).
  • We quantify message engagement — is it simple yet appealing, engaging (title, content), timely, etc.
  • We add certain applications (social media tools or apps) that streamline social media processes and engagement.
  • We look at other metrics based on your current analytics.

A Few Social Media Websites We Regularly Use

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Digg

Social Media Niches We’ve Worked In

We have created stories on topics such as web and/or phone apps, new web concepts, the creation of top “X” list or video based content, and even humor or news. Just a few of the industries we’ve created social SEO campaigns for include:

  • Entertainment (Music, Movies, Television, etc)
  • Finance
  • Programming & Web Apps
  • Marketing
  • Real estate
  • Law
  • Shopping
  • Electronics

We’ve also worked in numerous other industries besides the few above. Feel free to contact us for more questions.

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