SEO Blueprint

Our SEO Blueprint, commonly call an “SEO Audit,” covers virtually every aspect of a website. It includes a deep analysis of website structure, keyword and content strategies, and SEO recommendations. We give clients the ability to make positive website changes we feel is necessary to achieve online success. Our SEO audit is perfect for small companies or start-ups. But we have also worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies. We’ve worked with some of the top 100 websites on the web.

We center our SEO audit around the client’s niche. The on and off-page SEO strategies we provide improve website performance and rankings. We even outline each report with SEO fixes or improvements by order of importance with each custom report. Our recommendations focus on these four primary goals:

  1. Increase quality-driven traffic and conversions
  2. Brand building through social media marketing
  3. Build content development strategies
  4. Fix commonly missed on-page and off-page SEO mistake
  5. Improve website structure

The Premium SEO Blueprint includes

  • Complete competitor review and analysis (number of competitors affect final price)
  • On-page enhancements – content creation and on-page enhancements (content mash-ups, etc)
  • Long-term marketing strategies, functionality additions, or other site strategies
  • Landscape analysis – competitiveness, risks, keyword and market demand (if needed)
  • Viral marketing and social media consulting
  • SEO, online marketing, or SEM consulting
  • SEO on-page and off-page monitoring and tracking

Keyword & Content Review

  • Keywords – on-page content usage and long-tail (broader) keyword recommendations
  • Keyword (KW) Research – Competitor’s analysis or trial keyword testing (PPC)
  • Predictive keyword research (pre-emptive and seasonal)

On-Page SEO Analysis

  • Complete page title and <head> assessment
  • Page naming conventions and website structure improvments
  • Duplications, robots.txt, redirection usage (301s, 302s, etc), and canonical redirects
  • Recommendations for all on-page enhancements

Link Analysis – Internal and External

  • Definition of a “good” link and recommendations for finding the best links
  • Anchor text distributions within backlink profiles
  • Image and code naming conventions
  • Complete backlink/external links report
  • Internal linking recommendations
  • Block level analysis

Navigation & Indexation Analysis

  • Coding Issues that can hinder search engine crawling
  • Navigation, Sitemaps
  • Image maps, Flash, JavaScript, Ajax, and DHTML navigation
  • Broken links or redirection analysis and reports

Technical / Server Analysis

  • Traffic Loss – 404, 302, 301 redirects and canonical URL analysis or recommendations.

SEO Audit Pricing

SEO audit pricing is provided to each client and pricing is determined by the complexity of their website’s architecture, extent of competitive analysis performed, and total scope of other options chosen or recommended by us. Not every website or audit is the same, and website complexities determine the price and time needed to complete. Contact us for a Free SEO Audit Estimate and increase your site’s long-term rankings and visibility.



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