SEO and SEM Consulting

Our SEM consulting services help companies gain more insight with recommendations on site structure, linking (inbound or outbound), ways to improve and increase click-throughs, conversions, and sales. We can help to improve every aspect of your online business and convert once lost traffic into coverting traffic. Our SEO consulting also helps build traffic through improved linking, content creation and categorization, and content quality. You may also be interested in checking out our SEO Blueprint, designed to give you tons of valuable information on virtually every aspect of your website — even those nasty server or site configurations and other oversights that can cause poor rankings.

Our SEM Consulting Includes

  1. A thorough evaluation and report of your web site’s structure – inbound/outbound links, javascript or other miscellaneous code that’s hard for search engines to “crawl,” increase targeted page interlinking, improving meta handling (titles, nofollow, and other header attributes), and using keyword tools to increase content relevancy and targeting.
  2. On-page SEO strategies – image optimization, including relevant page attributes like heading tags, content optimization suggestions, and evaluating “code bloat.”
  3. Mock-up of website pages (if applicable) – We’ll create a clean, new mock-up of your homepage along with up to 3 interior pages including the the most relevant pages of content to use for your services/products.

Site Structure and Code

We help clients improve their website’s rankings by enhancing website crawling. We can often improve rankings dramatically by improving source code (HTML) and basic structure problems, such as lack of interlinking or deeplinking within pages.

We also have experience with several popular open-source CMS platforms like Drupal, WordPress, and other open source PHP softwares. For example, our own web site is powered by Drupal, uses search engine friendly URLs, RSS (XML) feeds, and a host of other enhancements to help search engines crawl or find new content more quickly.

Building Links

We’ll assist the client putting together a structured link campaign to build quality one-way links. Our team has built over 400 successful web campaigns utilizing relevant website link building methods through content and link outreach campaigns. Read more about our advanced link building. We do not participate in reciprocal linking campaigns or any other questionable linking methods.

Please inquire about our SEO consulting rates. We often reduce our normal rates for long-term projects.  The majority of our SEO Consulting clients have made back the money they’ve spent with our services in less than two months. We encourage potential clients to contact us with your web site URL(s) and any preliminary questions before starting. Simply fill out our contact form for SEO consulting and we’ll contact you with a detailed summary of what we can do for your business.



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