BlogPulse, created by Nielsen, is a free to use search engine for blogs with a set of Buzz Tools that evaluates and provides details on the day-to-day activities in the blogsphere along with peek at real-world Trends through blogs. Blogpulse also has Trend Search which allows user to develop his own trend charts by seizing up the buzz in the blogosphere though it is limited to three different topics.

User can follow the buzz for the last six months in the topics of their interest ranging from issues, people, companies, brands, sports, etc making Blogpulse excellent basic research tools for finding brand mention.

Featured Trends: Answers in one click to the straightforward question in one click “What’s the buzz?” and it pinpoints the topics and subjects that ranges from politics, TV show, a movie star, sports celebrity, a famed court case or a weird news story of the day.

Conversation Tracker: This tool helps in tracking and picking the interaction or exchange of ideas that come to light from a select blog or select blog posts and makes available an omitted aspect to the blog world – a tool that brings together snapshots of weblog “conversations.” It also supports a story, or article or paper that you maybe authoring.

Lastly, BlogPulse Live gives you an instantaneous view of the well-liked subject, matter or issue that the bloggers are writing so that you remain in touch and updated about the latest trends by daily blog demographics that estimates the number of blogs identified, new blogs created, and number of blog posts analyzed.



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