Sharebar Module

The Sharebar module provides a “Mashable” like floating social media toolbar for sharing your content across the most popular social media websites online. Let your users share your content on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Google Plus, Reddit, and many more.

Sharebar module

Drupal Sharebar Module Overview

The Drupal Sharebar Module you the ability to quickly add a floating social media submission toolbar to web pages, giving users the ability to quickly share content across social channels using the most popular social media buttons used across the web. You can add, edit, or disable any social services/buttons from the Sharebar configuration page. Get more visitors, traffic, and links by using the Sharebar Drupal module on your website!.

Drupal Sharebar Download7.x-1.x-dev & 6.x-1.x-dev Or visit our Drupal Sharebar module page

  • “Sharebar” Your Content!

    Add more value, page visitors, and social media presence with one-click social sharing buttons that “float” along side your content when a user scrolls down pages on your Drupal website. Read more about social sharing benefits below.

  • Easy Sharebar Customization

    Customize the Sharebar module by editing the position of the Sharebar floating toolbar on your pages. Place it within the content, on the site border, change the Sharebar colors, and adjust all settings with just a few clicks.

Customer Testimonial

One of the easiest social media integrations within Drupal that I’ve ever used. I have noticed a jump in our social media presence by using the Drupal Sharebar module and we’ve improved our Twitter and Facebook followers in the process.
— Marcus Ward (Beta tester)

Main Drupal Sharebar Features

  • Build a Social Media Presence – To increase traffic, followers, and a social media presence, almost everyone is interacting socially. The Sharebar module solves many of these issues by letting your users quickly interact with social media websites you choose and display in the Sharebar module.
  • Edit Sharebar Buttons – Add, edit, and disable any buttons from social media websites. The configuration options give you the ability to add large and small buttons (small buttons are moved under the node title when the page is sized to less than “X” pixels wide if that option is used). You can also order the Sharebar buttons by weight, i.e. -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Enable/disable for Node Types – Radio buttons for enabling or disabling the Sharebar on specific Drupal content types.
  • Resizing Display Option – Display options include: 1) Displaying the smaller Sharebar buttons horizontally if the page is resized to less than “X” pixels wide, and; 2) Displaying Sharebar within the content portion of the page instead of along side the page left or right border. NOTE: Some design limitations of the website may prevent the Sharebar from being placed correctly within the node layout, i.e. large images or other inline content limitations.
  • Sharebar Positioning Options – Top, left, and right offset option along with left or right border Sharebar positioning options.
  • Sharebar Color and other Customizations – Change the Sharebar width, Twitter username used when using the Twitter Sharebar button, and control the background and border colors using the “fly-out” color wheel built in to the Sharebar module.

Downloading and Using the Sharebar Module

  • Updates for the Drupal Sharebar Module – We are improving the ShareBar module with each release. Please check the download link above to grab the latest version.

About the Sharebar Module

  • Concept Behind the Sharebar module – We would like to thank the team for introducing the original Sharebar plugin to the WordPress community.



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