Dedicated Drupal Developers

Many clients and small business owners find that employing a full-time programmer isn’t cost effective. The added employee to payroll and the need to pay additional benefits to the programmer may not make the best financial sense. Social SEO now offers clients the ability to hire one or more of our Drupal programmers for their Drupal project(s).

Now you can hire one of our Drupal programmers for your ongoing Drupal development or for one-off projects. This dedicated Drupal developer program works by simply allowing the client to hire one or more of our programmers in “blocks” — meaning you can hire them for 10, 20, 40, or 60 hour blocks per month depending on your project needs. The more hours you use, the less you pay for the hourly rate. 40 or 60 hours per month saves nearly 20% off the normal hourly rate. This means you can save more money to use in other areas of your business.

Check out some of the recent Drupal themes we’ve built or a few of the custom Drupal modules. If you need help with your Drupal project you can contact us through our contact form to request more information on monthly Drupal support.



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