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Predictive 404 Module

The Predictive 404 module acts as a “self-healing” SEO solution for mispelled URLs or broken links that result in 404 pages for your website. The Predictive 404 module gives you the ability to get back lost 404 page traffic and link equity by automatically 301 redirecting URLs to the next closest matching URL for users and search bots.

Predictive 404 module

Drupal Predictive 404 Module Overview

The Drupal Predictive 404 module uses string similarity measurements by way of the Levenshtein Distance metric, which measures the length and character differences between two sequences. Using this theory, the Predictive 404 module looks at the closest matching URL based on the letters used in the URL. Predictive 404 will then 301 redirect any 404 URL to the closest matching and most relevant URL, helping you to gain back lost link equity and improve user traffic and experience.

Predictive 404 Moduledrupal 7.x-1.0 (10-20-2011) Or visit our Predictive 404 Drupal module page (soon!)

  • Automatically 301 Dreaded 404 Pages!

    Gain more PageRank and give visitors and search engines what they’re looking for — the most relevant content match. Predictive 404 will solve those annoying 404 results that provide you with zero value.

  • Add to any Drupal Content Type

    Customize the Predictive 404 module to work with any content type on your Drupal website. You can add it to articles, blog posts, custom content types, or other types of content.

Customer Testimonial

This module is nice! It’s a lightweight Drupal module that really improves my standing in search engines. It 301 redirects low value (or no value) 404 pages. Most of these 404s occur because of URL typos or misspelled URLs. I know I’ve gained back real URL value from at least several dozen previous 404s. In the end, I’ve given my users and search engines something more useful and relevant as a result.
— Robert Cady (Beta tester)

Main Predictive 404 Features

  • Preserve PageRank (PR) in Google – Lets face it — Google and other search engines do not prefer or like it when your website has dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of 404 pages for them to crawl. It wastes Google’s crawling resources and provides nothing useful to users or search engines. Some top SEO experts also agree that too many 404s can cause harm to a website if not addressed and fixed.
  • Levenshtein String Matching – The Predictive 404 module allows you to set the number of strings (characters) it should match to render the 301 redirect for 404s that would otherwise occur. For example, let’s say you have a well-liked blog post on your Drupal website and hundreds of other blogs and sites link to it. The URL looks like this:
    But what if 5 or 10 or more of those external sites linked to that same blog post using an incorrect or misspelled URL? We call them fat-fingered typos! Let’s say the incorrect URL linked to was:
    or perhaps…
    With the Predictive 404 module you can enter the matching string distance for potential 404s so that the module can query the closest possible match. Viola! You have given Google and users what they love — the originally intended URL ( and the most relevant content!
  • Add to any Drupal Content Type – Configure the Predictive 404 module to work with any content type — including blog posts, articles, stories, etc. Note: We are working on support for Drupal taxonomies (category URLs) in the next update.

Updates, Downloading, and Using the Module

  • Updates for the Drupal Predictive 404 Module – We have released the first version of the Predictive 404 module. Please check the download link above to grab the latest Drupal version.
  • Installation – Grab the Predictive 404 module (.tgz package) and extract to your local hard drive. Via FTP, upload the extracted “predictive_404” folder contents to your Drupal installation at sites/all/modules. Go to the “Modules” admin page and check the module to turn it on. Finally, go to admin/config/search/predictive_404 to set the content types you’d like to use and the module on and set the “Levenshtein Level” to 2, 3, 4, etc. (Note: Most common setting is 3 or 4).

About the Predictive 404 Module

  • The concept behind the Predictive 404 module – We would like to thank Russ Jones from for the original idea for this module and for contacting us to make the Drupal version!

Sharebar Module

The Sharebar module provides a “Mashable” like floating social media toolbar for sharing your content across the most popular social media websites online. Let your users share your content on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Google Plus, Reddit, and many more.

Sharebar module

Drupal Sharebar Module Overview

The Drupal Sharebar Module you the ability to quickly add a floating social media submission toolbar to web pages, giving users the ability to quickly share content across social channels using the most popular social media buttons used across the web. You can add, edit, or disable any social services/buttons from the Sharebar configuration page. Get more visitors, traffic, and links by using the Sharebar Drupal module on your website!.

Drupal Sharebar Download7.x-1.x-dev & 6.x-1.x-dev Or visit our Drupal Sharebar module page

  • “Sharebar” Your Content!

    Add more value, page visitors, and social media presence with one-click social sharing buttons that “float” along side your content when a user scrolls down pages on your Drupal website. Read more about social sharing benefits below.

  • Easy Sharebar Customization

    Customize the Sharebar module by editing the position of the Sharebar floating toolbar on your pages. Place it within the content, on the site border, change the Sharebar colors, and adjust all settings with just a few clicks.

Customer Testimonial

One of the easiest social media integrations within Drupal that I’ve ever used. I have noticed a jump in our social media presence by using the Drupal Sharebar module and we’ve improved our Twitter and Facebook followers in the process.
— Marcus Ward (Beta tester)

Main Drupal Sharebar Features

  • Build a Social Media Presence – To increase traffic, followers, and a social media presence, almost everyone is interacting socially. The Sharebar module solves many of these issues by letting your users quickly interact with social media websites you choose and display in the Sharebar module.
  • Edit Sharebar Buttons – Add, edit, and disable any buttons from social media websites. The configuration options give you the ability to add large and small buttons (small buttons are moved under the node title when the page is sized to less than “X” pixels wide if that option is used). You can also order the Sharebar buttons by weight, i.e. -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Enable/disable for Node Types – Radio buttons for enabling or disabling the Sharebar on specific Drupal content types.
  • Resizing Display Option – Display options include: 1) Displaying the smaller Sharebar buttons horizontally if the page is resized to less than “X” pixels wide, and; 2) Displaying Sharebar within the content portion of the page instead of along side the page left or right border. NOTE: Some design limitations of the website may prevent the Sharebar from being placed correctly within the node layout, i.e. large images or other inline content limitations.
  • Sharebar Positioning Options – Top, left, and right offset option along with left or right border Sharebar positioning options.
  • Sharebar Color and other Customizations – Change the Sharebar width, Twitter username used when using the Twitter Sharebar button, and control the background and border colors using the “fly-out” color wheel built in to the Sharebar module.

Downloading and Using the Sharebar Module

  • Updates for the Drupal Sharebar Module – We are improving the ShareBar module with each release. Please check the download link above to grab the latest version.

About the Sharebar Module

  • Concept Behind the Sharebar module – We would like to thank the team for introducing the original Sharebar plugin to the WordPress community.

Drupal SEO Pack Module

Fine tuning on-page SEO for your Drupal website just got easier! Introducing the Drupal SEO Pack Module that allows for more fine-grained control over simple and complex on-page SEO for your Drupal website. Parts of the Drupal SEO Pack module were inspired by the very popular WordPress “All in One SEO” plugin.

Drupal SEO Pack Module Overview

The Drupal SEO Pack Module gives users more control of SEO within their Drupal website. Easily define better search engine friendly title tags, META header tags, pagination page titles, and more SEO options often overlooked or that cause duplication across pages.

Our Drupal SEO Pack module was built for ease-of-use and integrates nicely with Drupal so users can make all SEO modifications within a few short minutes.

Drupal SEO Pack Downloaddrupal 7 – ver. 1.0 (GIT version) Visit our Drupal SEO Pack module page

  • Better Drupal SEO!

    Add more value and uniqueness to your pages with more optimized title tags, pagination titles, and useful META tags. Read more SEO benefits below.

  • SEOmoz API Built In!

    Track your top backlinks, anchor text, MozRank, the number of external, juice-passing links, and more with SEO tools – easily the best in the market!

  • Ongoing SEO Features

    We plan to add more features and functionality to the Drupal SEO Pack module each month. We won’t stop until this is the best SEO module on the planet. :)

  • Export or Import SEO Settings

    Don’t lose your SEO settings! Export and import all of your SEO Pack settings using our easy one click export/import XML option. Never lose your settings again!

Customer Testimonial

The Drupal SEO Pack module is simply the best Drupal SEO module for optimizing your title tags or omitting any less important pages with noindex, follow or similar indexation rules. I love the import/export XML feature to prevent loss of settings!
— Gregory Emanuel (Beta tester)

Downloading and Installing the SEO Pack Module

Powerful SEO Pack Options

Below you’ll find just a few snapshots from the many options within this Drupal SEO module. We’ll be adding more to this page, including more images of popular features within this module as well as adding more functionality enhancements to this module on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned for the goods!

Drupal SEO for Page Titles

Better SEO for Page Titles

Optimize Title Tags – Your title tags are perhaps the most important aspect “on” your website’s pages. It’s what Google shows as their own “title” within the search results. The Drupal SEO Pack module makes sure that your titles are optimized, allowing only the most important keywords or message to be used. You can use countless “tokens” to create the most optimal title tag for your Drupal pages. And all Drupal content types can be individually optimized! The tweaking that can be done to title tags is endless!

Page Title Tokens

Use Countless Tokens for Title Tag Creation

Tons of Token Options for Title Tags – Our SEO Pack module works great with the Pathauto module from Drupal. You can use countless token variations and have the most optimal title tags for better SEO. Make note of the tokens used in your Pathauto settings and simply reuse those in the SEO Pack module. The number of tokens and title tag patterns you can use are endless.

Robots META tags for Drupal

Robots META Directives for all Content Types

Robots META Directives Added – Control indexation through the use of the robots META tag placed in the header of your website. Includes “index, follow,” noindex, follow,” noindex, nofollow,” and more. Why is this important? Sometimes blocking a section from your website is necessary, especially if there is duplicate content or you just don’t want search spiders grabbing your “goods.”

SEOmoz Link Data through API

SEOmoz LinkScape Input & Sorting Options

Sort or Filter your Backlinks – Or use the API Tool to Review your Competitor’s Backlinks :) – Enter your URL (or your competitor’s URL), sort by many link-defining options, and filter for things like internal, external, nofollowed, or 301 links. The SEOmox LinkScape API will give you great insight into who links to what pages of your website and will give you an idea of how well linked-to your website is at any given time.

SEOmoz LinkScape API

Review/Download your Top Backlinks – See who’s linking to your website or review your website’s SEO metrics and anchor text used to link to your website. You can also:
1) Return the top anchor text for a page, subdomain, or domain. Search by phrases or by terms.
2) Pull as much or as little link information as needed. View all your links or only a subset, such as 301s or nofollowed.
3) Use the URL Metrics API to return useful information about the requested URL, including Page and Domain Authority, mozRank, mozTrust, etc!

Drupal Website Design Services has been building custom Drupal website templates since 2004. We have built complex designs for companies in the hotel and travel, finance, web apps, and newspaper industries, just to name a few. Our custom Drupal templates on can be seen powering more than 5,000 Drupal websites and growing. Our contributed Drupal themes can be found on more than 10,000 websites.

We bring more than just top Drupal designing to the table for our clients. We also guide our clients and help promote each Drupal project throughout the development and design phases. Just a few of the default services we provide free of charge for our Drupal design and development projects include:

  • Best SEO and development guidelines for Drupal websites.
  • Identifying the goals of the client and adding or building Drupal modules that support and provide easy management for those client’s goals.
  • Communicating on-page SEO techniques and promotional tactics to increase sales and visitors.
  • Implementing the best social media and SEO modules.
  • Constantly finding ways to improve the client’s product.

We love to help our clients succeed! That’s why we constantly improve the way we manage Drupal design projects. Be sure to check out a few of the latest designs we’ve added to the Drupal Theme Designs page and contact us to find out how we can help you with your next Drupal design.

Dedicated Drupal Developers

Many clients and small business owners find that employing a full-time programmer isn’t cost effective. The added employee to payroll and the need to pay additional benefits to the programmer may not make the best financial sense. Social SEO now offers clients the ability to hire one or more of our Drupal programmers for their Drupal project(s).

Now you can hire one of our Drupal programmers for your ongoing Drupal development or for one-off projects. This dedicated Drupal developer program works by simply allowing the client to hire one or more of our programmers in “blocks” — meaning you can hire them for 10, 20, 40, or 60 hour blocks per month depending on your project needs. The more hours you use, the less you pay for the hourly rate. 40 or 60 hours per month saves nearly 20% off the normal hourly rate. This means you can save more money to use in other areas of your business.

Check out some of the recent Drupal themes we’ve built or a few of the custom Drupal modules. If you need help with your Drupal project you can contact us through our contact form to request more information on monthly Drupal support.

Module Development

Social SEO has been involved in Drupal module development for more than 6 years. We have built everything from news aggregation and events modules to our very popular Drupal SEO Pack module — now used on thousands of Drupal websites to better optimize pages, title tags, and taxonomy (categories) for search engines.

Just a few of the Drupal modules we’ve build include:

  • Drupal SEO Pack module – Better “labeling” and optimization of title tags and more control over noindex, follow, noindex, nofollow <head> attributes, plus more SEO goodness added all the time. New! SEOmoz API & SEO tools build in!
  • Drupal Sharebar module – The Sharebar module for Drupal is a simple-to-use social media module that provides the ability to add a number of social media sharing services to your Drupal website. Give your users the ability to share your Drupal website content across social websites such as Twitter, Facebook (including the Fabebook Share and Like buttons), Reddit, StumbleUpon, and more. Easily configure all settings through the Sharebar settings page.
  • Predictive 404 module – Eliminate 404 errors on your Drupal website and automatically 301 redirect them to the closest matching page using this Drupal SEO module.
  • Drupal Websnapr module – This module allows for bubble previews for external websites when you hover a hyperlink within your Drupal website.
  • Drupal Voting Module – Custom voting module that could be assigned to any Drupal content type that would allow site administrators to create content that allows voting on “submissions” by users (as in books, movies, software, etc). The most popular and most voted would climb to the top of the list. Voting can be restricted by amount of time, i.e. 24 hours per IP address and more.
  • Quick Events – A simple quick events module for adding and managing a calendar page to your Drupal website.
  • FeDEx module – The FeDEx module is a plugin for shipcalc ecommerce tools module. It services FeDEx service payment calculating and is FeDEx API web service compatible.
  • USAEpay module – USAEpay module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. USA epay billing service ( and USAepay API web service compatible.
  • module – module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. It’s API web service compatible.
  • iDEAL module – iDEAL module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. iDEAL Denmark bank billing service and iDEAL Denmark bank API web service compatible.
  • QBMS module – QBMS module is the plugin for ecommerce tools module. QBMS module is the payment processor for Quickbooks Merchant Services (
  • SAGE payments module – This module allow to use Sage Payment Solutions payment gateway ( for Ubercart.
  • Tax Exempt Sales module for Ubercart 9 – Ubercart Multiple Ship From/Bill From Location module
 10. Multiple Credit Card Payment Gateway for Ubercart module.
  • Ubercart tax-exempt module – Module used for calculating tax exempt status and payment for products.

We’ve built many other Drupal modules that are custom for specific Drupal customer solutions. If you need a module build to do anything within your Drupal website we can help. Get in touch with us via our contact form to find out more about our Drupal module development.

Drupal Websnapr Module

We decided to build and port the Websnapr website preview module for Drupal 5.1 since there was no previous website preview modules submitted to Drupal.

With the help of Gurpartap Singh , we had the module built in no time. The module provides fast preview bubbles of the website when you hover over them. To see how the preview bubbles look, simply hover your cursor over one of the example links below (currently disabled on

  • Yahoo
  • CNN
  • Drupal

If you’d like to download this module, grab the latest copy below from the official Websnapr module page on Drupal.


The WebSnapr Preview Bubble module is a simple, unobtrusive script used to display an overlay bubble showing a hyperlink target thumbnail using WebSnapr. It’s a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. Check the demo at:


Decompress the .tar.gz file and drop the entire uncompressed directories into ‘sites/all/modules’. If this directory does not exist you may need to create it.

Enable the module at “” in Javascript package.


The module should be ready for use for links in node pages as soon as it’s enabled. However, for continuous usage, you’ll need to go at and get a “developer key”. Feed this “developer key” in the module’s settings form at There’s also a CSS Selector option on the module’s settings page for filtering hyperlinks to enable the WebSnapr Preview Bubbles for. Examples are provided for ease of understanding.

Bubbles are always enabled for hyper-links having class “previewlink”, irrespective of any configuration. Do not forget to configure permissions for user roles to view WebSnapr Preview Bubbles at

Please post any comments or questions you have about the Websnapr module below.