Well we’ve seen the writing on the wall for quite a while and Google has just make it official.  The company recently announced that starting April 21, 2015 it will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.  Read more »

Social media arguably should be a significant part of any internet marketing plan.  We all spend a great deal of time working to ensure that we are creating content and pushing it out over the social media sphere in hopes of having it go viral and getting our brand to trend on twitter.  But social media has a big part to play in your SEO strategy as well. Read more »

By now we all know that content is king when it comes to search engine optimization and improving your site’s search ranking. What is less obvious sometimes is what optimized content lookss like. What is Google looking for? There are several Drupal SEO tools that can help with website optimization. The Drupal Content Optimizer module can help give you a first level analysis of the content on your site, or any other website if you are interested to see what they are doing to help improve ranking. Read more »

Over the past few weeks we have been finishing up PinBoard, our Drupal Pinterest clone, using the popular, open source Drupal CMS. We started on this project a few months ago and, with feedback from customers, have been able to release several Beta updates of this Drupal theme to improve the UI and additional functionality of the theme. Read more »

We are working on the last set of tweaks for our new Drupal SEO Pack module, which is scheduled to be released around the middle of May. This module is an excellent addition to any Drupal website in that it allows for better SEO with options like title tag optimization, robots.txt inclusions, export/import options, and best of all, SEOmoz LinkScape API data. Read more »

If you're managing one or many Drupal websites you probably use at least one or a few Drupal modules to achieve some website optimization. Search engine friendly URLs, Twitter integration, optimized page titles, and so on are just a few of the most common enhancements performed by Drupal users. Read more »

Nofollow links passing value or rankings has been the underlying question since this inline link attribute was developed back in 2005. Many millions of websites have implemented this method to tell Google to not follow certain links that the website owner may not necessarily be able to "vouch" for. Nofollow has also been used to sculpt internal PageRank flow as websites continuously tighten their website's internal linking and navigation paths to focus on the most important pages of their websites. Read more »

We're extremely happy to launch the new SocialSEO.com! It's been a couple of months in the making between other client and internal projects but we finally launched with a much cleaner and simple design. The new design is also great for us as it will allow us to better organize our premium Drupal themes, SEO services, and provide a improved and more intuitive interface for customers looking for SEO or Drupal services. Read more »