• Posted on: 27 June 2008
  • By: Brian Gilley

There are definitely a lot to choose from when analyzing web stat software and tracking tools. There are also some staples in the industry, like StatsCounter and others. But there are also some newer services and other, not so well known, website stat tools worth reviewing.

I left Omniture and a few other larger companies off of the list because I felt they appealed mostly to companies with deeper pockets. The list below is instead suited to the "everyday" Webmaster.

Get Clicky

GetClicky.com - Clicky is a web analysis tool that tracks a high level of detail for every visitor to your website. Some of their website stats show "actions per visit" for users, visitor hostnames, most active visitors, tagcloud stats data, and more. Personally, I would rate this tool a bit higher than Google Analytics, but that's probably because of the deep data it provides. We were very impressed with the free version of Clicky and plan to use this cool web tracking tool more in the coming months.

Measure Map stats

Measure Map - We decided to include MeasureMap even though they are upgrading their stats tool. We used this tool back several months ago and were impressed with the ease of tracking website referrers. We were one of an early batch of beta testers and the ability to track down to the single post level to view backlinks and other metrics was valuable to have. A lot of bloggers love this stats tracking software. We would recommend bookmarking this website and/or signing up to receive the update when they are accepting new clients.

Stat Counter webstats

StatCounter - Perhaps one of the most widely used web stats softwares online, Statcounter provides a very easy integration and, much like Clicky mentioned above, gives real-time web stats tracking. They do offer a free version for websites with 250,000 pageviews per month or less, but if your website traffic exceeds 1,500,000 pageviews per month then you'll need to shell out at least $9/mo. A few features of Statcounter include highly detailed analysis of the last 500 pageloads, keywords used by visitors to find your site, and most popular pages.

Site Meter Stats

SiteMeter - Another very popular web stats tracking tool, SiteMeter is on tens of thousands of websites. We used Site Meter a little more than two years ago on several sites but have not used them in a while. Some of the features they include are visitor details, referring URLs, entry page and out-page clicks, and page views. SiteMeter has recently built a widget for those who like watching things on their site in real-time. There seems to be a decent disparity between the free and paid versions as far as features, but hey - free is free I suppose. So, if you sign up and use the free version and decide you like it, the paid version will set you back around $7 per month.

Google analytics

Google Analytics - I don't think that we need to go into much detail here. Most everyone I know and their mother uses this free analytics software. Most of the data the average website owner needs can be fulfilled by Google analytics. Page views, referrers, detailed visitor stats, side-by-side date comparison reporting, and so on. Google Analytics seems to still be the choice of the masses.

reinvigorate web tracking

Reinvigorate - Funny name, decent web stats tool. Reinvigorate states that "running in the system tray (Windows) / system status bar (Mac) you no longer need to endlessly flip between your work and stats. When something happens, Snoop will let you know." This may sound like more of a distraction in my opinion. Nonetheless, you can track orders and events with audible sounds. Good luck with registration though. They are accepting Beta invites only and we signed up way back in 2004 and 2005 but have never been accepted. :-\ Anyone care to get us in?

Crazy Egg Stats

CrazyEgg - I love this service! Maybe it's the Web 2.0 look and feel, or the Heatmap or Overlay functionality, or the fact that it gives you live reporting. Either way, CrazyEgg is a great tool despite the low number of pages you can track at once. We would highly recommend this web stats software so give the free version a whirl.

haveamint webstats

Haveamint - I like Mint and have used it for a couple of websites. You'll need Apache and MySQL for this software to work and it'll set you back about $30 per website. Mint really gives you a fresh look at your site's stats with "painless panes - Mint’s compact, easy-to-digest interface [that] adapts to the size of your browser window." Mint also comes with stats on feed subscriptions, search filters, and numerous interface refinements. Very sweet UI for sure.


GoStats - GoStats was rated a bit further down on our list of web stat tools as we felt it was less superior to some of the other tools listed above. GoStats does have a free and paid version available. The free and paid versions both give you page views, referring URLs, and most of the normal features. We couldn't really distinguish between the free and paid versions an what each provides but if you'd like an analytics software that is easy to setup, GoStats fits the bill.

smarter stats

SmarterTools - Here is a Windows (.NET based) web stats software. We don't usually run .NET websites, but if your website is .ASP or on the Windows environment, this tool might be a good starting point for a desktop or server application. The cool thing about this web stats tool is that the Pro and Enterprise versions allow for multiple sites per server to be tracked. This would be great for schools and other organizations with lots of websites.

iperceptions stats

iPerceptions - If you want to measure website satisfaction, then give iPerceptions "iPSI" give you web validation. I'm not necessarily talking about web standards validation, but rather what visitors do on your website. iPerceptions helps to funnel messaging to the decision makers of the company to help monitor checkout processes, content success, and customer insights - all in real time.


ClickFox - We decided to add ClickFox to the list although they are more along the lines of a customer retention and/or behavior tool. If your site sells a product or service, or need to improve up sell or cross sell opportunities, ClickFox just might be the tool you'll need. (Note: We have not used this software, so if anyone can give more input on it's capabilities, that would be great).

siteclarity stats tool

SiteClarity - Another .ASP solution, SiteClarity was used by a client of ours that is in the manufacturing industry. So we were able to see first hand just what this web stats software was capable of. The few things that really stood out with this software was the SEO-centered features such as its "Path Analysis" that shows step-by-step visitor behavior and "funnel reporting" to assist in measuring bail-outs from check out or registration processes and other form-filling actions.

Going Up Stats

GoingUp - Another real-time stats tool, GoingUp gives you a simple look at your visitors, referrers, page views, and other basic essentials. Their free version is just a sample of the more robust paid version. What's more interesting is their analytics and SEO software, where they show you your inbound links and link growth percentage, conversions, Google PR, and Alexa ranking. Looks like a pretty good tool but we could never find out how much the paid version actually is :-\ Does anyone know?

conversion stats

Conversion Stats - We used this web analytics tool briefly to test the ins-and-outs of it. It's pretty straight forward with Geo tracking, conversion tracking, shopping cart integration (for conversions) even tracking link campaigns. I feel that it's a little pricey compared to other tools we've looked at in this post, with it's basic version setting you back $29.00 for the 400k per month visitor package. If the price point was a little lower we'd rate it a bit higher.

web stat

WebStat - Nothing to boast about here except for the free verion allows for tracking of up to 20k page views per month. If you only want to sift through top level web statistic reports, then their 10 key reports might be right for you. If you are doing 100,000 page views per month, expect to pay around $35. What I REALLY don't like about WebStat is their pricing scale. They show a price jump of about $3.00 for every 10k page views. So, if you have a good month and push 400 to 500k page views, you'd have to fork out $150 to $180!! No thanks.

103 bees

103Bees - Another funny name but 103 Bees does offer something a bit different. 103 Bees is built more for the SEO-minded person and allows you to view data such as related keywords and even useful information on long-tail keyword website stats. Showing you useful search terms and segmenting "short head" terms is definitely a useful resource to have if you are into monetizing long-tail keywords.

click tracks

Clicktracks - I've always liked Clicktracks software. It does a good job of displaying user behavior data and help to drill down to what on-page elements help in conversions. Another cool feature is the ability to import data from Overture and Google - good to have if you are doing PPC and need to make changes to campaigns that are not performing too well.

deep log analyzer

Deep Software - I thought this log analyzing software was worth mentioning. What I like about them is the straight forward reporting options - although I'm not fond of the actual UI (looks too much like Windows). You can drill down to data pretty fast and select ranges of reports to view. I like that you can customize this web stats software more than others and can add custom browser, search engine spider, and OS definitions if they are not there already.

crawl track

Crawl Track - The first thing I'll have to say to the folks at Crawl Track is please get a new website design. I'm not sure that leads are being converted very well with the current website.

In a nutshell "CrawlTrack is a free application (license GNU GPL), which allow to track search-engines crawlers and spiders visits on your website and to follow day after day your position in the main search engines and social bookmarks index." I think this tool is a good supplement or comparison to Google Analytics because Crawl Track give you the keywords used for visits and the entry page link to it. Not to mention it's always a good idea to know your site's crawl rates.

robot stats

Robot Stats - Another good robots crawling tool. Robot Stats "is a free application analysing the web robots visits on your site. For each page of your site, a small PHP code allows RobotStats to detect if the visitor is one of the 180 robots supported by the application." Crawl Track and Robot Stats are both pretty good crawl products - and they're both free!


Monitis - Monitis simply monitors availability, load, responsiveness, functionality, search engine ranking, traffic and user experience. We liked this web stats tool because it not only monitors your website's uptime (via HTTP/HTTPS GET/POST, PING, TCP, etc) but also counts the number of visits to your Web site in real time and provides basic stats for page views, visitors, and so on. Their pricing was nice to - from $1.28 to $5.00 per month for their service.


Semonics - A division of Monitis listed above and all around cool software that gives you backlinks monitoring, ranking monitoring (in Alexa, Compete, etc), and Social Bookmarks Monitoring. For these reasons alone we loved this web stats software. For $15/mo. you can get 200 keywords monitored within reports (maximum 30 results queried per keyword). A very nice service for that amount of keywords monitored.

crawl tracker

Crawl Tracker - Use WordPress? Want a search engine robot crawl report showing your most crawled pages? Crawl Tracker should get the job done. Patrick Altoft build this tool back in early 2008 and decided to share it with WordPress users. WIth it you can access crawl data for 3 main search engines, monitor your crawl rate over time, and discover how crawl rate is related to PageRank. Very nice information to know!


SEOMeter - Another free crawl analysis tool, SEOmeter gives the ability to collate crawling trend against their ongoing marketing campaign and other SEO strategies. With this information at hand it should give users of this crawling tool the ability to make intelligent SEO decisions with page content additions or other improvements.

Did we miss any other good tools? Please let us know in the comments below!


Wow, this is a really long list! I only use Analytics und statcounter at the moment, perhaps I will take a closer look on the other services.

Brian - this is just another example of the outstanding work your team does. I did a similar study about 6 months ago for inhouse, and you guys nailed the important stuff, dropped the fluff and made good calls on things like Deep Analyzer.

I'm with you on Crazy Egg, but a clickstream service worth looking at is opentracker.net. I was working with them on a couple of projects, and it's essentially StatCounter on steroids.


Great list! We are definitely bookmarking this article... thanks for compiling it!

This is a great list. I have been using paid SiteMeter, but now want to track HTTPS pages and SiteMeter does not provide HTTPS code. I am also using Google Analytics, which now supports HTTPS, but the problem is the reports are only updated every 24 hours and not real-time. Any info on which tools support HTTPS and provide real-time stats?

Fantastic list! Thanks so much for the alternatives.

I am really impressed with the time and energy you put into creating this info. A very heart felt thanks to you, Dave

nice list! :)
you can also add http://www.pagealizer.com a landing page analytic service

You left out Advance Logger, perl script which show bookmarks, ?30 ? or so per site, drills down to any level, search terms, you name it, seems to be in stasis at the mo. - oh, and can export to CSV - way ahead of the rest but maybe it's not pretty enough looking - a hidden gem

Hi, thanks for the huge list.
I want to know about one of my client website the www.fonehouse.co.uk it has multiple phones on the home page.
Now I want to track the details per phone how can I do that?
I have already kept Google Analytic on all pages. Now my client wants me to give each detail of visitors who visits the phones available on the home page. Can I keep two different codes either from Google Analytic or from some other companies. Will it show me the result I want?
Thanks in advance......

Don't overlook http://nuconomy.com/. VERY cool analytics tool that focuses on user "contribution" instead of visits/page views/uniques, etc.


A complete and professional Web Analytics suite at a fraction of the regular cost. Reads log files and has a java tracker. Tracks mutiple sites.

As useful as all of these services listed here might be, I have acquainted a strong objection against sharing my very private data with a third party service. Partly because of the risk of any providers' undisclosed behind-the-scenes intentions (see Google), partly because of privacy regulations enforced by the legal authorities here in the EU which require a site owner to restrict access to visitors' data.

So from my POV, a self-hosted service is the way to go, and the above mentioned Piwik looks most promising for me.

@Robert - I know what you mean. For the longest time I fought the urge to go with Google Analytics, but if the website being used is "truly authentic" and has a good reputation, then it should be a great tool.

IMO, Self-hosted solutions are hard to upgrade.

@ Drupal SEO Ninja :-) and Andre - Thanks for the additional tools. Nuconomy looked pretty cool. Logaholic had a nice UI too.

Feel free to post any others here.


If it wasn't for sites like this I would get nowhere on my SEO work so, thanks!

Moving away from the free analytics tools, there are many web stats packages available that provide a very high quality reporting system with detailed information enabling you to measure a wide variety of online activities such as paid search campaigns, email campaigns and display advertising.

Great list! We prefer good ol' Google Analytics but definitely keep this list around in case we ever change our mind. :)

Thank you for the info on Robot Stats- i was searching for info and this is a very good explaination.

Wow, absolutely amazing list, thanks for making it. I personally use google analytics and think its good but I will try that other tools listed here.

I use Google Analytics and Reinvigorate which i bizarrely had no issue getting on with; had the account for over a year now though so not sure about recent sign up issues. Will gladly send people invites if they accept or allow that sort of thing. Reinvigorate is good for it's (near) real time stats; something that annoys me a little with Google Analytics; has all the usual features and good UI too.

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not quite ready for these tools yet.

nice post! thanks for sharing.. For web stats i use only google analytics or stat counter, but here is a great list of web analytics tools...

Great list you have here, thanks for sharing! :) I have bookmarked this page for future reference. :)

I commend you for a superb list and resources you have shared. Other people would have these info on an ebook and offer it for sale but you have gone out of your way to share it. Thanks! :)

I had no idea there were so many!!! Thanks for sharing, have you ordered them in order of your preference?

hi guys, i love this post i want test clicky, i want ask it' interest stats scripts list? i want begin me php-stats...

you know more powerful?

sorr for my english im lory from Italy

What a big list, there's a lot to choose from, i use getclickey.com, i will definitely look at some of the others later.

brilliant list! it will be interesting to compare the results on a single page with multiple tools

Whilst we’re talking about analysis of log files, what about tools used to analyse corporate firewall log files to find out who has been going on websites or emailing people they shouldn’t have? I know that there are attempts to use programs to convert firewall logs into ‘fake’ apache logs (fwanalog) and if your firewall logs are in a certain format Wentrends can report on them. Has anyone had any experience with this?

I think 103bees is better than Hitail since it is a completely free service and show more usable data and statistics such as highest ranked keywords, Search Questions etc.

Really? I would be curious to hear the arguments that substantiate this claim. HitTail is completely free unless you choose to pay. HitTail’s data is more useful precisely because it is not statistics. Feel free to contact me directly for a more comprehensive explanation.

i really should of looked around before settling to one, kind of overwhelmed but which one is better for log files that can alternatively be parsed to a database and reports generated on demand.

The best web stats tool i have ever found is :
Free Live Web Stats, get your free Website analytic, web statistics counter - web tracker, configurable hit counter and live detailed web stats tracking flag counter.

I joined the business with my own log analyzer ( Expert Data Miner) 2 year's ago and I thought that Alterwind, Deep Log Analyzer, WebTrends or Fastats were the main competitors to check but frankly Google Analytics with its budget is the roller press. I'm not saying it's always the best one, but it's not a bad one neither....

I'll check how some of these ones behave later on, but for Deep Log Analyzer I do not understand what is so great about it. It is slow and there is strong variations with other log analyzers too. ClickTracks has a really nice interface however, I like it. Expensive too...

Now regarding Google Analytics I don't know if I'm alone to think this but I'm starting to suspect that far more than 10% of the human visitors have their javascript disabled, so their results could be not so accurate. Not because the software is bad, but they rely entirelly on the fact that most Internet users had their javascript enable and will continue to do this.
I built my own account with them ( I decided a few months ago to support GA's cookies from EDM) and when I browse the visitor's sessions and check their click trail from EDM there's a lot of them who show 'no cookie', even if their requested for pages are nested in a tree (so when they click on hyperlinks). Pages from Robots, Spiders are almost always shifted toward the left (empty referrer field) when I check the click trail of a specific IP/cookie.

No doubt tool fantastic useful. Analytic tool always be great helpful to get know actual position of website. great to have such multiple tools.
Real estate Florida

Excellent post.What a big list, there's a lot to choose from, i use getclickey.com, i will definitely look at some of the others later.

You have a long list. Currently we are using Google Analytica and Statcounter. What you think which is the best one?

Certainly is a big 'ol list. Great work. These are some excellent examples of the many ways a site can be tracked. We need to know how our site is going in comparison to our seo efforts and try to gauge what is working and what isn't. Google is the most popular as far as the free option goes. It can take some getting used to and I wonder if most of us ever really understand how to use the data for the best way to tweak our sites but even for absolute beginners it can be picked up fairly easily. This is great list for those who want to compare and test out what is best for them and many of these most people would never know about. Thanks for sharing.

Great list of tools, there were a few in here that I didn't know about. Thanks

Certainly is a big 'ol list. Great work. These are some excellent examples of the many ways a site can be tracked. We need to know how our site is going in comparison to our seo efforts and try to gauge what is working and what isn't. Google is the most popular as far as the free option goes. It can take some getting used to and I wonder if most of us ever really understand how to use the data for the best way to tweak our sites but even for absolute beginners it can be picked up fairly easily. This is great list for those who want to compare and test out what is best for them and many of these most people would never know about. Thanks for sharing.

I've been spoon fed onto Google Analytics and never used any other analytics software. One thing I have noticed is that my Webhosting companies stats are wildy different from Google's. So, my question, how reliable are any of these programs?

I Have Google Analytics on 2 of my larger sites but am somewhat hesitant to use it again.
I do feel that when you have Analytics on your site it picks up way too much info about your montization methods and in turn does penalize you for this (reducing your traffic).
Just my experience, others may feel differently.

Hi, I am very sceptical about the whole analytics data, to me it is a complete farce.

Monitoring of web trafffic has moved on considerably since this was written. It is interesting to see that several of these applications stood the test of time and continue to feature heavily today. The fact is that any webmaster whom is serious about their online business needs to actively monitor their visitors not only to understand how they reached the site but more importantly what they do once they arrive. How do they navigate? Are they being retained? and most crucially of all are they converting? There are a number of excellent applications around today which are capable of providing these details and many more. The obvious GA is one of them but don't forget that plenty of others are equally as capable.

This blog provides very legal information regarding the website design and web stats tool.I think getting idea regarding this tool is very helpful in future for developing error free websites.

I am operating the website Master in Management Compass and use Google Analytics. It is great, handy, and in depth - however, of course you never know how many of your actual visitors it captures. User need to have cookies installed so that GA can capture them - and as far as I know also other issues play a role. But this seems to be a caveat of all web statistic tools, doesn't it?

I prefer not to use Google Analytic s as I feel you are risking your ranks by giving them too much information. I like Get Clicky pretty good and I like their iphone app so I can check stats on the move.

Absolutely amazing list, thanks for taking the time to make that very extensive list... I had no idea there were so many services... . I personally use google analytics and think its good but I will try that other tools listed here.

This is a handy list. Just to add one of my own: Advanced Web Tracking. We use it to report keyword positions to clients and reports can easily be exported via Excel or HTML into your preferred format. I'll definitely check some of these out though.

I never realized there were so many tools available to analyze web stats.. I have just been using Google's free tools.. Thanks

The list begins and ends with Google Analytics for 90% of website owners needs. Thanks for sharing - I had no idea there were so many and for specialist applications I'll definitely check back here


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