I finally took the plunge last week and signed up for a Twitter account. I resisted for quite some time, not wanting to add yet another distraction to my day in addition to phone, IM, live website chat support, and email. More and more of my blogging circle was jumping on board so I asked them… what’s the deal – is this helping your business or just another major distraction? Read more »

With all of the great places to publish content online today, it very likely that you can secure multiple spots in the search engine rankings with your content. One place I’ve found that seems to be beneficial in terms of ranking in search engines is Slideshare.net. Read more »

HubPages is one of the "newer" social media content sites – and in my opinion, one of the most exciting. The most fascinating aspect of HubPages is the algorithm that determines an author's and an article’s "HubScore." The HubScore is a number between 45 and 100 that "grades" an author’s social media influence and the influence of their hub (i.e. page of published content). What I find so fascinating about this HubScore is how accurate is in gauging the social media IQ of a Hubber and the social media value of his or her content. Read more »