Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year, you already know about blog review web sites. In this post I'll list some of the top contextual blog advertising companies with a brief description of what you get from each service. The attraction of blog review web sites from the perspective of a web site owner is contextual one-way links from blogs. You can buy a contextual one-way link to your site starting at around $10 per review from a few of these services, such as the one from Blogsvertise.com. Let us know if we missed a site that should fit in this list. We'll continue to add to this list of blog advertising sites, so bookmark it for future updates. Thanks to Alex (from Merkados Interactive Marketing ) for help with this list. Blogsvertise.com Read more »

We've been looking closely lately at what we call 'referral scoring' by using Google Analytics and another referral tracking tool. Referral scoring is more or less the score Google gives to your website from any refering source - a .com, .org, and yes, those .edu's. Over the past two months weve been running a little experiment. We have several websites with between 30-80 .edu links on each of them. We have not built any links to these websites over the past few months nor taken part in any other linking campaigns. Many of the .edu links to these websites are on the resource pages of .edu's, such as pages where a student might recommend or list certain websites for other students looking for external sources of information. Our experiment was simple. We wanted to see if having our more valuable .edu links clicked on more regularly would help our rankings in Google. Google is certainly tracking refering websites and counting their 'vote' for your website within their Analytics and rankings. After all, by using Google Analytics you are essentially giving Google real-time data to help their ranking algorithms - especially for very time-sensitive information like celebrity gossip or news. Read more »

Since building my first links back in 1998, I've always seen the same upward trend with rankings occur with websites using good anchor text variations. Using your primary keywords should alway be in the forefront, but taking into account the "natural" aspect of indexing and sorting from the search engines should be the goal. If you look too structured and one-sided with your anchor text link it can potentially cause problems with rankings over time. Here are some simple steps to improve your on-page and external anchor text choices: Read more »